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How long will it take my order to arrive?

As we are a small business orders are sent out (via Royal Mail 1st class) as soon as possible (usually within 1 - 2 days of ordering) but it can sometimes take a little longer, please be patient with us and rest assured we are working very hard to get everything to you ASAP. 


If you have an urgent order please do get in touch via and we will see what we can do (there may be a small additional postage charge for a quicker service). We always recommend ordering earlier rather than later for a special occasion.


If you have chosen collection we will be in touch with you via email or text to find a suitable time. For this service please also allow a few days from ordering for delivery / collection.

Do you have an ingredients list?

We are very happy to provide a list of ingredients if needed. We only every use the finest quality ingredients for our food and eggs are ALWAYS free range. We currently only make vegetarian and vegan food.

Do you have allergens in your products?

There are allergens present in many of our products, mainly dairy, egg, soya (found in chocolate), nuts and gluten. Allergens are listed on the individual product pages. Please note WE ARE NOT AN ALLERGY FREE KITCHEN! We try our best to have no contamination from other allergens but we cannot guarantee this. If you have a severe allergy then we sadly recommend not purchasing our products just to be on the safe side.

Do you have gluten free options?

Some of our food can be made gluten free on request. Please get in touch via to discuss which options we have available.

How do I heat up my savoury food?

Depending on the dish most savoury food can go straight in the microwave in our microwaveable brown boxes and pots (the foil ones cannot go in the microwave, put these ones in the oven!) and just heat through until piping.

Can I freeze the food?

Yes! Some savoury dishes are best eaten fresh and not frozen but there will be a note about this on the product page if it is NOT suitable for freezing. 

How long will my food last?

Savoury food should be kept in the fridge and will last about 3 days although there are some savoury specials best eaten on the day or day after - there will be a note about this on the product page when ordering.


Baked goods are best stored in an airtight container and will last about 1 week except for the Refrigerator Slice which must be kept in the fridge and will last about 7 - 10 days. 

Granola should ideally be stored in an airtight container where it will last about 2 weeks +.

Do you accept returns?

As our food is perishable we don't accept returns however if there is a problem with your product such as damage we will of course either refund your purchase and any shipping costs or send a replacement product out.

Can I add a gift note?

Yes! On the checkout cart page there is a little 'add a note' box at the bottom of the page - just add your note in here and we will write it onto one of our Isabella's Pantry postcards.  

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